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My Bedroom

I finally got bored enough to start culling my bookshelves on Saturday, then on Sunday I decided it was high time I got around to building the two bookcases my Mum bought me at the beginning of summer. Much cursing and furniture rearranging ensued, but I finally got everything sorted last night. I also took pictures because this is the first time in a long time that my room has been so decluttered. Also, I can't find a damn thing now, lol. But at least my room looks nice.

Beware: this is going to be insanely pic heavy.

Here is a general overview of my room to start with. The long, short bookshelves (under the window and on the left side of my bed) are the two new ones.

That pile of books next to the dresser is considerably shorter today. I donated all the old textbooks I couldn't sell to my church for our Rummage Sale this weekend.

If you'd like, play Spot the Peeps or Spot the Princess. I have several stuffed Peeps hiding all over my room and my favorite Disney Princess is Aurora, so they're scattered everywhere.

This is area the changed the most. I switched out the white bookcase from beside the bed and replaced it with these two. The squinting snuggle in the middle of the bed is my poodle, Tanis (I should have called him Tasslehoff).

Last but not least, we have the most boring corner of the room. Having a daybed severely limits my options on where I can put things, so my media shelf ended up behind the door.

Now, for the details!

My bedroom door. The top poster should be obvious, but bottom one might not be. I got that poster in German class and it features clock towers from cities all over Germany. Each city is listed on the back of the poster.

This is one of my favorite decorations. I picked up the picture of the girl in an antique mall. I don't remember where I got the necklaces, but the just seemed to fit together nicely in the space between the doorway and my dresser.

I have a small collection of manga, courtesy of my best friend from high school. I've got them double stacked so all of my manga fit in this one little bookshelf. This is what was hiding behind that pile of books in the very first picture in this post.

My primary reading indulgence is sci-fi/fantasy, which is what most of these shelves are filled with. Notable exceptions to this are: Mein Kampf, my Complete Works of Shakespeare, my limited collection of trashy romance novels (most of which are fantasy based and cause me great shame), and my typewriter. The white bookshelf and the lower two shelves of the tall bookcase next to it are dedicated entirely to schoolwork/music/music education.

This isn't a particularly good pic, but I had to put it in here anyway, to show [ profile] amuly  what a horrible influence she has been on me. Everything from the middle of this shelf to the far right (which you can't see) is Logic/Philosophy stuff. My copies of "The Problems of Philosophy" and "A History of Western Philosophy" are on the shelf above this one because they're special. ;-P

The space around my desk is a semi-organized disaster area, but my desk top is finally clear of everything but what I need. I have the bad habit of using my desk as a catch-all when I'm in a hurry.

This particular photo is dedicated to [ profile] skellerbvvt. The sentences on the note card are from various fanfics she has written. The one about the door is from one of her author's notes.

I've never really had the opportunity to hang stuff on my walls until now because my family moved so often when I was little. Now that my dad is out of the US Air Force and we've settled more permanently, I went a little overboard with putting pictures on my wall. My of these are antique mall finds, except for the picture of Westminster Clock Tower (which was taken by my dad while we lived in England) and the two giant pieces of art in the last photo.

Hands down, these two big pieces of art are my absolute favorite. The one of the lady in the burgundy robe I bought from my first job after sighing over it for nearly two years. My boss discounted it to $75 (from $150) to get rid of it, so I snatched it up straight away.

The unframed painting of the little girl is one of three paintings my dad found in the trash while he was on his way to work one morning. I was six years old at the time and my parents thought I looked exactly like the girl in the painting. Turns out, the paintings were done by the wife of my father's commanding officer and she had thrown them away unfinished because she thought they were terrible.

So, that's my bedroom, presentable for just a short while. There are plenty more pics on my photobucket if you'd like to scope out my bookshelves and see what exactly I've been reading.

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gosh love it!

esp those quote too XD

it would really motivate me

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Thanks for looking. :-)

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I LOVE YOUR ROOM! It looks so classy and feminine. The little girl painting is lovely, and we have the same Vaio. (:

[identity profile] 2011-08-14 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you very much! I'm flattered that you think my room is classy; I've always wanted it to be classy, but I didn't think I'd be able to achieve that until I got my own place (my parents and I have wildly different tastes in decorating). I'm glad to hear that you like it so much.